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Veterinary Centre Someren is a multidisciplinary vet clinic that gives species specific veterinary care. For over 60 years we have been dedicated to provide the best care for animals and their owners. We try to do this with the best possible respect and attention. Per animal there are several assistents and veterinarians connected to the clinic, to be able to provide the best specialistic care during the day and night hours.

From the start of the clinic in the late 1950’s as an allround practice, the clinic has specialised over the years first in intensive lifestock farming and after that also in the equine department.
Since the 1990’s the clinic is fully equipt to provide the best care per species.
With 30 vets, spread over 5 departments and about 30 other employees to provide supportive care and laboratory functions the clinic momentarily has the possiblity to give veterinary care to companion animals, horses, ruminants, poultry and pigs.

To be able to provide quality care we keep our knowledge up to date and keep developing ourself over time. We advocate sharing knowledge and joining forces because this is an asset to the animal’s care and the animal’s welfare. Every day we focus us with love and dedication on the health of animals.

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Equine clinic

The equine clinic fullfills a first line function for horses in our own practice, next to a referral function for vets in the rest of Holland and abroad. Including intensive care when needed. We have elaborate facilities and advanced equipment to give optimal care.

In our clinic we have a well educated team . We do not only spent a lot of time on equine health itself. We think communication with owners and referral veterinarians is just as important to have a succesfull outcome. We stand for professional, high quality and client based care.

Due to regular visits to national and international congresses we broaden our specific (individual) expertise and skills. Each year Veterinary Centre Someren offers the possibily for 3 just graduated veterinarians to follow an internship for a duration of 1 year. This internship forms the base to deliver high quality equine medicine in first line practice or the start to get your specialist degree.

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Small animals

The small animal clinic is a modern, well equipped veterinary practice with an department in Someren and Asten. In a relaxed, animal friendly environment we offer professional, high quality care and personal attention for pet and owner. We acknowledge that there is usually a special bond between pet and owner.

Our aim is to providethe best possible, personal and customised care for all the animals. We aren’t an average clinic but a clinic where both the owners and their pets are welcomed in an open and friendly environment. We feel that communication with the owner is an important factor that contributes to the health of their pet. With a sincere involvement we will come up with a (preventive) treatment and followup stategy.

In all of their lifestages the companion animals can count on knowledgeable and loving care with the Veterinary Centre Someren. It doesn’t matter if it concerns vaccinations, a routine check or an emergency surgery, our enthousiastic team of veterinarians and assistents are happy to take their time for you. Thanks to our high quality equipment used for both diagnostics and treatments we can provide an up to date and honest advice concerning the health of your pet.

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The ambitious team that is responsible for the ruminants is spending most of their time with veterinary medicine, guidance of ruminant farms and all factors that are involved with this. We stay up to date of all the new developments, treatments and opportunities through further education and specialisation. Together with the farmer we will take the health care of the ruminants to the next level.

We like to work closely together with the farmers, but just as well with all the people that are connected to the farm. Examples of these people are foodconsultants, healthcare specialists, farmaceutical companies, et cetera. Starting with a broad perspective we will come to an professional and custom advice. Not just animal healthcare and welfare but also quality and custumor satisfaction are important to us.
A big part of our job constists of guidance of about a hunderd dairy farms.

Our experienced veterinarians are available 24/7 and are fully specialised in ruminants.
Since April of 2020 we have a collaboration with our colleagues of Dierenartsenpraktijk Lintjeshof. This partnership will improve the quality of our work, has the benefits of shared knowledge in a bigger team and gives more efficiency in our emercency service. This collaboration gives extra strength, quality and continuity to our local livestockfarmers.

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The Varkenspraktijk has a crystal clear vision and goal: to make sure that the latest and most efficient insights concerning the healthcare of the animals is available to every modern pig farmer. We always try to stay a step ahead with our knowledge to make sure that the pig farmers can reach their goals even further.

Since 2012 the pig veterinarians of both the Landbouwhuisdierenpraktijk and the Veterinary Centre Someren joined forces and started the Varkenspraktijk.
We try to give veterinary care that fits best with the character of each pig farm and the entrepenour that is connected to them.. Customised healthcare.

To make sure we can give this high quality healthcare we are constantly searching for new possibilities and ways to improve the health of the pigs. An open and durable relationship with the farmers is important to us, because this ensures that we can come up with solutions in an early stage following the most recent methods. A good connection with our clients has an adequate approach as a result. Together we try to accomplish animal healthcare and welfare of a better quality and a higher operating efficiency.

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Our poultry team operates both in the laying hens industry and the broiler chickens industry. We are one of the few poultry veterinary clinics that is involved in almost all the elements of the poultry industry. Our activities take place in individual poultry farms, as well as in integrated farms, hatcheries, breeders’ associations and experimental farms.
We try to offer guidance which is as complete as possible, focused on animal health care, technical results, animal welfare, public health and job satisfaction. We are constantly trying to make sure that the situation in the stable, the schedule of vaccinations and the improvement of technical results are matching with the current situation in the area. This means that farmvisits and the business contacts that we have are essential to us. They form the foundation of good veterinary care!

The Veterinary Centre Someren is equipped with a wide variety of diagnostic tests, for instance bacteriology, serology, parasitology and PCR. Because of this possibilty the diagnostic data will be processed fast and reliable. The laboratory facilitiesas well as our passionate veterinariansare available 24/7.
For each farm and industry we try to provide customised veterinary care. Together with the client or company the process and results will be monitored closely.

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veterinary Centre Someren has his own veterinary laboratory, that offers a wide range of possible tests. The lab is also available in the weekends to make sure that everyone involved is receiving a reliable result as fast as possible, this also applies to emergencies. Our veterinarians often and thankfully benefit from this.
The activities from the lab can concern routine monitoring, but in the veterinary industry there is also a large request for customisation. This is something our analists happily provide. We are up for every challenge and are always willing to brainstorm about the best testposssibilities for a specific problem.
We make sure our veterinarians can rely on trustworthy tests and analyses. To be able to provide this we have different departments: bacteriology, serology, PCR, parasitology and the preparation of vaccins. Besides this we have an autopsy room available that is used daily by our poultry- and pig veterinarians to diagnose different problems.

For more information or to make an appointment please contact Veterinary Centre Someren.(link)

The following forms can be used to send in material for testing:
Opdrachtformulier voor laboratorium pluimvee (Engelstalig) 
Opdrachtformulier voor laboratorium varkens
Opdrachtformulier voor laboratorium herkauwers
Opdrachtformulier voor laboratorium paarden

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